Why am I receiving little or no response?

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I've received what looks like a fraudulent e-mail or text, what do I do?

If you receive a mail or text that indicates it's from Auto Trader but you believe it's fraudulent the important thing is not to click on any links that ask you to enter personal or account information such as usernames and passwords. We may contact you via e-mail or text but we will never ever ask you to enter you accounts details via a link in an e mail or text. You can either delete the mail or text or forward it to customersecurity@autotrader.co.uk. If you have entered personal information into a phishing site, please contact the team on 0330 303 9001. For further information regarding Safety & Security please visit our Safety & Security centre.

Why have my advert details changed?

If your advert details have changed but you haven't made the change then your account may have been compromised. This can happen if someone had managed to obtain your log in details gain access to your account and modify details in your advert. If this occurs, you should change your password straight away and contact us at customersecurity@autotrader.co.uk or call us on 0330 303 9001 so that we can look into this matter further. For further information regarding Safety & Security please visit our Safety & Security centre.

What are your packages and prices?

You can see our prices by clicking the 'See prices' link here.

How do I re-book my advert?

You'll just need to log into your account and locate your advert. From there you'll see the option to rebook the advert. Don't forget to check out our best practice video.

I'm unable to contact the seller can you help?

We can't promise we'll be able to reach the seller but we'll certainly do what we can do to help. Just email enquiries@autotrader.co.uk with all of the advert information you have and we'll make the attempts.

How do I manage my advert?

You can manage your ad any time. All you'll need to do is log in to My account and locate your advert. You'll then be able to amend the price, text, images and contact details.

When can I expect my advert to be live?

Although all adverts can take up to 24 hours to process you can usually expect to see your advert live within 2 hours of completing payment.

How do I unsubscribe from your emails?

Sorry to hear you wish to stop receiving our subscription emails. You can manage your subscription settings within 'My Auto Trader' - 'Subscriptions'.

How do I close my Auto Trader account?

We're sorry you wish to close your account with us. You can contact us on enquiries@autotrader.co.uk with your account information and we'll delete it for you. If you wish also wish to leave us feedback as to why you're leaving, we'd love the opportunity to listen and improve our service.

Why do I have a different telephone number on my advert?

It sounds like you've selected 'Protect your number' when placing your advert. This allows us to cover your personal number with a local alternative number for your own privacy. If you have not selected this option and can still see a different number on your advert, please let us know by emailing enquiries@autotrader.co.uk.

How do I complain about a dealer?

We're sorry you need to make a complaint about a trade seller on our site. Please contact us on 0330 303 9001.

Can you provide information about an advert that was previously on your site?

We should be able to help with that. We'll just need you to send us all the information you have about the advert such as; vehicle registration number, telephone number on the advert and the approximate date of when the advert was live to enquiries@autotrader.co.uk. If you do have any extra information about the advert please include this as it should help us find the advert much quicker.

Why has my payment failed?

Your payment may fail due to several reasons:
  • Insufficient funds
  • Non UK IP address from the device you are attempting payment from (works computer/internet cafe etc...)
  • If you have already made payment or attempted payment 5 times, it will block your card for 4 hours
If you believe your reason to be different to the above we would advise you to contact your bank in the first instance.

Why can I not find my advert on the mobile app?

Every advert will automatically appear on the mobile app. When you search on the app the listings are automatically sorted by 'Sponsored adverts'. Your vehicle will appear within the 'Sponsored' results if you have purchased our Standard or Premium package. If you have purchased our Basic package please change the sort by options by tapping 'Sort by' and select 'Price (Low-High) or (High-Low)'.